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Wednesday 23 August 2017

Reviews: Dyscarnate, National Suicide, Overoth (Reviews By Rich)

Dyscarnate: With All Their Might (Unique Leader Records)

Back in 2012 with the release of their previous album And So It Came To Pass, Dyscarnate were the centre of adoration in the UK metal media cited as 'The Kings Of UK Death Metal' but seemingly went into hibernation afterwards. Now with the release of their third album With All Their Might they are ready to take back that title and with the strength of this album Dyscarnate are going to be conquering everywhere. This is a hulking colossus of an album with riffs that could flatten a city and the aural intensity of being hit by a lorry at 90 mph. 

Songs twist and turn from the bludgeoning groove of Iron Strengthens Iron to the explosive attack of All The Devils Are Here to the almost Godflesh-like ominous atmosphere of closer Nothing Seems Right. This is an absolutely no thrills death metal album with no flashy technicality but which uses the simple power of the riff to absolutely annihilate everything in its path. It's an approach used by many bands but the quality of music on display here is far and above nearly every death metal album I've heard this year. An absolutely flawless release and possible contender for album of the year. 10/10

National Suicide: Massacre Elite (Scarlet Records)

Since the thrash metal resurgence in the early 2000's the metal scene has been absolutely bombarded by bands trying to recapture that 80's thrash metal sound. Some of those bands have done tremendously well and are now looked on as fondly as the original thrash bands from the 80's but at the same time there is an ocean of these retro thrash bands that get lost in mediocrity or simply don't get noticed. National Suicide are one of these bands who have slipped under my radar and I'm a massive thrash metal addict which is a damn shame as Massacre Elite is a brilliant piece of old school thrash metal. 

Massacre Elite is the third album for these Italian thrashers and it is one of those thrash albums which really recaptures the spirit of the 80's scene with a sound that is frantic, chaotic and damn good fun. There is an absolute plethora of riffs on display which will not fail to get your head banging included in songs such as I'm Not A Zombie, Take Me To The Dive Bar to the all out speed of the title track. The vocals of frontman Stefano Mini have that old school appeal sounding like a cross between Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and Udo Dirkschneider. If you don't like thrash metal then this album is definitely not one for you but if like myself you love a good thrashing then this album is definitely recommended. It completely lacks in originality but 100% channels the party spirit of old school thrash metal. 8/10

Overoth: The Forgotten Tome (Hostile Media)

The Forgotten Tome is the second album by Belfast death metallers Overoth. Overoth are a band that seem to have attained a lot of hype in the UK extreme metal scene and that hype is most rightly justified with this album. Overoth perform a very dark and brutal style of death metal which although rooted in old school death metal has a very modern sound to it. There are also hints of black metal through some of the tremolo picked riffs in the albums duration. Overoth also incorporate a symphonic element with a huge sweeping orchestration which sounds cinematic and epic in scale. 

The vocal style used by frontman Andy Ennis is suitable guttural and compliments the evil and malevolent feel throughout the album. Symphonic death metal is a style becoming more prevalent in extreme metal popularised by bands such as SepticFlesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Shade Empire and with strength of The Forgotten Tome, Overoth rightly deserve to stand up there with the other bands in this subgenre. A highly recommended release showing that the UK is fast becoming a major player when it comes to extreme metal in 2017. 8/10

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