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Thursday 10 August 2017

Reviews: The New Roses, Ruby The Hatchet, The Nights

The New Roses: One More For The Road (Napalm Records)

I cam across The New Roses reasonably recently and once I picked up their second album Dead Man's Voice it was on repeated for about a week afterwards. One More For The Road picks up what Dead Man's Voice set down, the record has 14 blues infused rockers which have the Southern American looseness and swagger of The Black Crowes, our own Temperance Movement adding the sleazy parts of Buckcherry on Dancing On A Razor Blade, funnily enough despite having a lot in common with the American and British rock styles The New Roses are from Wiesbaden in Germany not that you'd guess with vocalist Timmy Rough adopting a Southern drawl as he sings of heartache, whiskey and the road. One More For The Road starts as it means to go on with Quarter To Twelve which has sleazy similarity to Quireboys 7 O'Clock.

My Own Worst Enemy brings the heavy Southern swagger while Forever Never Comes is guaranteed to go down well on the live stage with it's woah refrain, repeating guitar riff from Norman Bites and a chorus with a big enough hook to catch Jaws. The record is 14 tracks long but it never seems that way, all the songs of course have similarities due to the genre they sit in but there is enough variation to keep your attention. There is little filler even Life Ain't Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair) could be a throw away track but it has a country rock emotion to it that makes it one of the album's best song, the country sounds also bleed through to boogie heavy Every Wild Heart and the torch song that is Fight You Leaving Me. One More For The Road is a heartfelt rock album from the German band, blues, country and booty shaking rock n roll all mix to form a hard rock soup that any rock fan will love. I can't wait to see the band in November at Hard Rock Hell. 9/10

Ruby The Hatchet: Planetary Space Child (Tee Pee Records)

Heads down folks it's about to get trippy, Ruby The Hatchet's newest release showcases seven richly layered songs that unite heavy, doomy psychedelia with acid-rock, proto-prog and melodic, hypnotic songcraft. Sean Hur's organs are the lead instrument adding spacey vibes to Killer as Johnny and Lake chug away. It's cornucopia of psychedelia as Jillian's haunting vocals sit atop the hypnotic riffs that back her, it's music that forces you to bang your head Pagan Ritual especially is guaranteed to give you whiplash, even when it breaks down into the tribal final part which sees drummer Owen bringing the band into a percussive frenzy. Planetary Space Child is a modern record that worships bands like The Doors, Sabbath and Hawkwind, like Blood Ceremony, Electric Citizen or are own much missed Purson, Ruby The Hatchet are the sound of the 60's with a thumping nod to the doom pioneers, good stuff. 8/10

The Nights: The Nights (Frontiers)

The Nights formed in 2015 when Sami Hyde (vocals) and Ilkka Wirtanen (guitar) brought their musical talents together, both were well known in the Finnish rock scene, Sami is a prolific writer contributing to songs by The Magnificent (one of my Frontiers favourites) while Ilkka has co-written numerous songs with Finnish glam rockers Reckless Love along with producing their albums. Together they bring their talents to the table on this their debut record and it's a melodic rock record of pristine guitar riffs, clear emotive vocals and pin-sharp production.

The record sparkles with pop sensibilities but has a metallic heart to it as Ilkka brings the fretboard fireworks of EVH or Steve Lynch (Autograph) to I Will Never Stop and the super smooth Juliette which balances the synth-led pulse with a crunchy guitar riff. The band have a similarity to fellow Finns and touring partners Brother Firetribe with a record of fist pumping anthems that sees the rhythm section Harri Kokkonen and Jan-Erik Iivari thump the heck out of things. It's really great to hear two immensely talented performers collaborate on what is a richly entertaining melodic rock album. 8/10

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