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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

A View From The Back Of The Room: The Black Dahlia Murder (Live Review By Polly)

The Black Dahlia Murder, Ingested & Embodiment, The Fleece, Bristol


Until tonight I hadn’t heard of Embodiment and I am so disappointed in myself for not making a point of listening to them before, it was their hometown gig and they absolutely killed it. My lips were permanently pursed throughout their entire set from the guitar riffs and solos that were thrown left right and centre. A new song was played that night Reverence Through Disgust, I particularly liked the chugs in this. Afterwards they played an old track Infested, usually when a band plays an old track there’s a significant gap of how much the band have improved from then. There was no gap with this and their newer songs, and not in a bad way. It seems that these guys have had their song writing in the bag for some time, the solo of this track is what made me come to this conclusion. After tonight I’m definitely a big fan and will be keeping an eye out for seeing them again. 8/10


Vocalist Jason Evans is definitely worthy of his Instagram username of the Slam King. It was quite a challenge for me to take my eyes off him through his performance. As the lyrics of Sovereign go: ‘Bow Down’ I almost got on my knees to do just that, obviously the risk of being crushed in a pit was a deterrence. They announced a new song that night Mouth Of The Abyss which has left me hoping and praying that they will be releasing a new album soon? Jason Evans conducted the crowd into some bad ass mosh pits that was the quintessential warm up of the sold out event. Drummer Lyn Jeffs' performance through the set was exceptional, I was exhausted watching him knock out some of the most superb drum speeds I’ve seen in a death metal/slam metal band. Fun Fact: I’ve been a fan of this band for years, my mother told me I wasn’t allowed to listen to them for playing Intercranial Semen Injection on a car journey to school and had to listen to them on the sly after that. 10/10

The Black Dahlia Murder

I have seen The Black Dahlia Murder (TBDM) before and when I was offered to review their gig in Bristol Fleece, I couldn’t say no. The last time I saw them they supported Cannibal Corpse and stole the show for me so the bar was set pretty high for them to surpass the last performance that I witnessed from them. I’m a big fan of TBDM, they’re one of the bands that got me into death metal and tonight was a perfect example of why I love this music. Trevor Strnad (vocals)’s stage presence is an event in itself, apart from his impressive high pitched screams one part of his performance I still can’t fathom is how is he so light footed on stage when the music playing behind him is so brutal? And more importantly why does his light footed prancing on the stage work so well in his concerts? I can say with great confidence that no other death metal front man could pull it off so gracefully. 

The star of the show for me was guitarist Brian Eschbach, his whole demeanour on stage just comes across as cool as a cucumber, overall the band give off a vibe that isn’t try hard, they’re there to play, enjoy themselves and put on a good show. The crowd are always one of my favourite parts of watching TBDM live, it’s always a night to remember, tonight was no different. At the beginning of the show I was stood right at the front until I got booted in the head by a crowd surfer (thus why the more experienced members of the blog prefer the back - Ed) usually I’d be annoyed but if I’m honest it’s my own stupidity for being that close to the front and not expecting any carnage. Speaking of crowd surfers, the number of people that crowd surfed onto the stage did a little dance then crowd surfed back out was unreal and it was awesome to see how cool with it the band were. The mosh pits for their shows are always superb and were led perfectly by the band, sometimes I had no choice but to participate in them before I fled to the back for salvation. Tonight was a night I will never forget and will be on my top 5 greatest concerts I have attended, see you guys at your next UK tour? 10/10

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