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Friday 18 December 2020

The Spotlight: 2020 Catch Up Interview With State Of Deceit By Matt Bladen

MoM: How have the band members been handling the lack of touring and even the lack of practicing in 2020?

State Of Deceit: Yeah it's been a struggle, so we've played whenever possible, but getting less time in which sucks. We've been doing more remote sharing of video clips of ideas etc for new stuff, not just the usual funny naked vids and memes.

MoM: Were there any gigs/shows/events that you were particularly gutted to have missed?

SoD: God damn all of them, we love playing live and seeing the other bands to, so much talent in Wales especially. So itching for a gig we'll play anywhere, no stage to small! Weddings, parties, funerals, beer o clock, gender reveals any excuse to wack the volume up, just give us a shout and we’ll be head banging away!

MoM: What did you have to do to adapt to the pandemic situation, i.e digital releases, videos, livestreams?

SoD: Mainly had to make sure we we're stocked up with alcohol and bog roll, before some other daft twunt nabbed it all. To pass the boredom of lockdown we released some reaction vids and interviews with bands on our youtube channel which were good fun to do. It's also given us time to write and finesse the songs for the next EP.

MoM: What are the plans for State Of Deceit going forward in 2021? (Obviously pandemic permitting)

SoD: By the time this has been published we should have recorded the next EP at Sonic One Studio, which will get it's release in 2021, We are going to be very excited for reaction to that from you guys! As soon as venues are up and running we'll be back out playing and tearing things up!

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