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Saturday 19 December 2020

The Spotlight: 2020 Catch Up Interview With Blind Divide By Matt Bladen

MoM: How have the band members been handling the lack of touring and even the lack of practicing in 2020?

Blind Divide: 2020 hasn't been too bad in regards to practicing, as we have all been able to practice from our respective homes, but the live scene is were we suffered, as did all other performing arts, being on stage is something we love to do, for us as a band that`s what it`s all about! We were fortunate enough to get in a few practices at Music Box after the lockdown was lifted, it was great to blow the cobwebs from our ear drums! Music Box have done a really good job at making sure that their customers are safe!

MoM: Were there any gigs/shows/events that you were particularly gutted to have missed?

Blind Divide: We have had a few gigs that have been cancelled, even at the beginning of the year(pre covid), we had to turn down a few gigs in order to get back up to speed with our new drummer Max. We were particularly sad to see Metal To The Masses cancelled in South Wales as it`s a competition we hold dear! We enjoy attending every year, be it as spectators or participants, so that was a major blow!

MoM: What did you have to do to adapt to the pandemic situation, i.e digital releases, videos, livestreams?

Blind Divide: Blind Divide really is more about the live show, as you`re probably aware, But like many other artists we adapted and took to the internet. We have since released 3 new tracks, one of which was a play through video (Nimis). We`re hoping to get a few more songs recorded and mixed in the near future!

MoM: Have you had any time at all to lock in with new drummer Max? How is this new phase of Blind Divide going?

Blind Divide: As far as this shitty year goes, we have been pretty productive, most of the band have continued to work through the pandemic, obviously slowing development of new material. Having Max in the ranks has really produced a surge of creativity for us, not just within Blind Divide, Dec is now a member of TREP and a few of us have worked on some of Max`s solo projects!

We have released 3 new songs to facebook, and we currently have enough new material for a whole new set. As a whole, Max has fit right in and we can`t wait to showcase what we have been working on!

MoM: What are the plans for Blind Divide going forward in 2021? (obviously pandemic permitting)

Blind Divide: Currently, we have only 1 gig booked for January, at Cardiff`s favourite metal stomping ground (Covid Permitting). We are really looking forward to/hoping that things get back to normal as soon as possible, so we can share the stage and get sloshed with some amazing bands again!

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