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Monday 18 December 2023

A View From The Back Of The Room: Green Lung (Live Review By Rick Eaglestone)

Green Lung & Wytch Hazel, Electric Ballroom Camden 10.12.2023

For my last gig of the year I enjoyed an impromptu trip down to London for a show that on paper was just too good to miss, as even though I had seen Green Lung very recently it was a crammed atmosphere and although they didn’t put a note wrong, I maybe didn’t enjoy as I should’ve.

Anticipation grew even more as the London show sold out and a limited poster was created for the event (only 100) by the artist Slippery Jack *Spoilers* I have one.

I was excited to see the headliners again for sure, but co headliners/ support Wytch Hazel were just the prefect choice for this date, I accidentally stumbled across them a few years back and when they released IV: Sacrament I became obsessed with them, the album very, very nearly got my top spot of the year and I have even joined their Fan Club, yet this was actually going to be my first time actually seeing them live

Although the Electric Ballroom was sold out it was at least double the size of the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham and luckily the air conditioning was working, there was a great buzz in the air for the imminent outpouring of Occult Albion but just before that there was going to be some old school heavy metal with a splashing of the lords blessing.

Wytch Hazel took to the stage and to be honest it was perfect. Their set started off with The Fire’s Control and also included Still We Fight, Angel Of Light and concluding with Wytch Hazel, they were completely unfazed for such a big show and absolutely delivered and I am honestly pinching myself that this was my first time seeing such a phenomenal band, another thing that made me happy was seeing the mass of people after their set rush of the merch stall and also sign up to the band’s mailing list. I had already grabbed all my merch early on before they started hence why I got the poster, a cd, and a t-shirt.

Up next were headliner’s Green Lung not only playing their final date of the tour but also their homecoming show, at although the set was the same as when I had previously seen them it mattered not as once again it was flawless in delivery and a bit more captivating this time, the new album This Heathen Land perfectly showcases the bands NWOBHM Occult flare, they’ve been a band that I have listened to periodically but there is something different with the new album that means I just can’t stop listening to it.

They missed a trick not having Wytch Hazel join them in for Let The Devil In but by the end of the set I was already lining up tour dates for next year.

A terrific way to conclude the year. 10/10

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