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Monday 11 December 2023

Reviews: The Feral Ghosts, Sons Of Eternity, Swarf Damage, Destrukt (Reviews By Matt Bladen)

The Feral Ghosts – Black Sun (Seeing Red Records)

Having been heard in the 2022 vampire movie Appetite For Sin, it’s no surprise sound like the bastard son of post punk and garage rock. It’s sultry, sexy, dangerous and will get you reaching for the eyeliner. Stranger even tells you to “get your make up and your lace” after a dingy intro that shifts into the thrusting, bass driven groove of a Sisters Of Mercy track, vocals bellow in anguish, the guitars in heavy reverb and played when needed against a drumbeat that is hypnotic and robotic. 

If one song tells you what these Latin death rockers do, it’s Stranger, the trio born out of the shadows of the Chicago scene, 1989 conjuring all the feel bad vibes of that year (hey I was born lets be sad about it together), while Witcher has the slow burning intensity of Joy Division, the distorted swirl of Ocean Of Fire feels like Nick Cave. 

If you’re post punk/darkwave aficionado you’ll be picking up all manner of influences on this record, however if you’re not there’s enough musical deviance and raw emotion to get you sweating, so make sure that eyeliner is waterproof. 7/10

Sons Of Eternity – End Of Silence (Massacre Records)

Before I even looked at the info with this album, I immediately noted the word German and then “heavy metal Scorpions”. As that’s what Silence the first track of this debut album reminded me of. If the long running German rock legends moved away from the radio and went down the power metal route they’d probably sound a bit like Sons Of Eternity, who are German. 

Much of the comparison comes from singer Matthias, who writes lyrics that are inspired by modern problems, global matters and politics (no whistling thankfully). Musically they put together classic and power metal with a louder, heavier brand of riffage, so it feels modern but doesn’t break any boundaries. All of the members are experienced having been a number of bands, but considering they are less than a year old, you have to admire how well the gel on this album. 

Ultimately though they don’t take that many risks but have an album that has one or two tracks that could break out such as the strutting The End, the Maiden-like Eye Of The Storm or the ballad Ruins but most of it is competent heavy/power metal. 7/10

Swarf Damage – Swarf Damage (Self Released)

Remember when thrash was political? Swarf Damage remember, their crossover thrash is furious, snarling, pissed off and ready for a fight, from Kill 2 Survive, through Four Minute Warning, Decayed and culminating in Father, the inspirations of Cro-Mags, D.R.I are obvious. Suprising then that the band are from the Isle Of Man not the New York, the elting pot of the crossover scene where anarchistic hardcore punk met with unfiltered thrash. 

Unfiltered is what you get here, the language is brash, the vocals brasher as the grooves and pit inciting riffs get you bouncing, that’s not saying there isn’t melody, there is mainly when the guitars aren’t playing buzzsaw riffs. If you’ve been enamoured with the current wave of crossover bands such as Power Trip or High Command, then Swarf Damage will have you begging to run in circle and rage at society. 

Even a song called Doom Or Be Doomed comes in with pace and power, annoying or the doom fans. Supporting Discharge early next year, the door is wide open for Swarf Damage to wreck a venue near you soon. 7/10

Destrukt – The Ascent (Cruz Del Sur Music/Woven Hoof)

Released as a cassette in conjunction with Woven Hoof to convinced with Keep It True Rising 3 in October. The Ascent, the latest EP from French speed maniacs Destrukt is now available as a free download on their bandcamp. 

Since 2014 they have been laying down sick speed metal that is as retro as it comes, oozing with swords sorcery and machismo, led since 2014 by guitarist Karburator. The current line up is less than three years old with the exception of drummer Deathripper who joined in 2016, Krossbones (bass) added in 2012 and Athena (vocals) and Ravenheart (guitar) joining last year. The Ascent is a three tracker that rips and shreds through the over 15 minutes of classic heavy metal. 

Influenced by Manowar, Tower, Leather Leone and bands such as Enforcer, there’s twin axe harmonies, blitzkrieg rhythms and histrionic vocals, speaking of Enforcer Olof Wikstrand mixed and mastered this record which is why it sounds like a cassette tape from the 80’s. It’s short, it’s fun, it’s free, get your bullet belt on and enjoy! 7/10

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