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Tuesday 9 April 2024

M2TM South Wales 2024: Swansea Heat #3 Interview With House Of Hosts By Paul Hutchings

House Of Hosts Interview - M2TM Heat 3, Bunkhouse Swansea 13th April 2024

1. Let’s start with introductions. Who is who and what does each person do in the band?

We're fronted by Dan (Griff) Griffiths roaring on the vocals, twin axe men James Russell and Ross Davies, backed up by rhythm section Beth Goodwin on the drums and Jack Hunt on the bass. Backing vocal duties are shared throughout the band to give massive, spicy choruses.

2. Where are you from and how long have you been together?

Our base of operations is Swansea, although realistically we're a mix of Swansea and Bridgend. The first incarnation of the band was formed by James and Beth about a decade ago, but as many bands do when you're young, it didn't work out. Then, back in mid-2022, they decided to revive House of Hosts, now being fronted by Dan who had played with them in a previous band.

Needing a bassist, Jack was recommended by a mutual friend, and after rocking up to a rehearsal and not being kidnapped by these strangers, Jack would join the band permanently. We gigged as a 4 piece for about half a year and entered the studio, but something was missing. We concluded that a second guitarist was needed. Luckily, Jack's best friend was a guitarist, which led to us recruiting Ross and completing our sound, and the band wouldn't be the same since.

3. Describe your music in five words.

Explosive, Introspective, Groovy, Energetic and THICC.

4. What prompted you to apply to be part of Metal to the Masses – South Wales?

It's one of the biggest metal events in the South Wales scene, having been going on for as long as any of us can remember. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, get our name out there, and most importantly play some amazing shows.

5. If you have played Metal to the Masses before, tell us about your previous experiences and importantly, why you’ve returned!

This will be our first time playing as House of Hosts, although all of us have played the event before in different bands. The energy and excitement of Metal to the Masses is just the best, we'd be idiots to not want to come back!

6. Bloodstock is a big festival – have you attended the festival in the past? If so, what would you say are the best things about the weekend?

Unfortunately, none of us have been to the festival in the past, however Griff is extremely excited to be attending for the first time in 2024! We all have friends who have been, and they always say the same, it brings people together regardless of background. Which these days is something sorely needed.

7. Apart from Metal to the Masses, what do you have planned for 2024?

We've got a few milestone shows coming up, including our first festival (Station 18 Festival in Swansea, with some incredible bands), our first trip over the bridge to Bristol, reaching out to new venues in South Wales we haven't played before, and some things we can't currently talk about. Expect more shows, music, and more of our faces plastered online.

8. What can we expect from you in your heat?

Massive riffs, melodic choruses, chunky breakdowns, and a sweaty, sweaty bassist.

9. And what are you expecting in your heat and journey through the competition?

We're expecting an intense night of competition with all bands giving it their all, which means a better night for everyone. We're going in with the mindset of treating every show like your biggest show yet. That way, even if we are unsuccessful in progressing, we can still look back knowing we put on a hell of a set.

10. Finally, where can people find details of the band – promote your socials here!


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