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Wednesday 10 April 2024

M2TM South Wales 2024: Swansea Heat #3 Interview With Confessions Of A Serial Killer By Paul Hutchings

Interview with Confessions Of A Serial Killer – Heat 3, M2TM, Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff 23 April 2024

1. Let’s start with introductions. Who is who and what does each person do in the band?

Cozy - Vocals, Adz - Guitar, Dan - Bass, Davie - Drums

2. Where are you from and how long have you been together?

The band was formed in June 2023. Cozy, Davie, and Adz have played in various bands with each other. This is Dan's 1st band. We've spent most of the past 9 months writing, creating, rehearsing, and releasing the music, making sure it's ready for the live stage. Our 3rd single will be released to coincide with our heat at Metal 2 the Masses

3. Describe your music in five words.

Aggressive, Violent, Intense, Primal, Real

4. What prompted you to apply to be part of Metal to the Masses – South Wales?

What better way to collect more victims. On a serious note, since getting back on the scene (after the pandemic) we noticed things were different with gigs becoming harder to get on. We saw this as an opportunity to get our name out there and leave a few memories in the heads of the audience.

5. If you have played Metal to the Masses before, tell us about your previous experiences and importantly, why you’ve returned!

Davey Cozy and Adz made it to the final in 2017 with a previous project. We had a blast and made quite a few new friends along the journey, but the best part was going up against some of the best Rock/Metal acts at the legendary Fuel. Why are we returning?... We're returning with a new line-up, new attitude, new music and a point to prove!

6. Bloodstock is a big festival – have you attended the festival in the past? If so, what would you say are the best things about the weekend?

Yes, a few years back now, the general atmosphere and feeling of home, zero stress or pressure. A place where a metal fan can truly relax, have fun and be themselves and have the time of their lives watching the best music on the planet.

7. Apart from Metal to the Masses, what do you have planned for 2024?

We'll be releasing several new singles and videos and playing as many shows as possible, plus a few other things we are keeping under wraps for now.

8. What can we expect from you in your heat?

The tightest most professional show of unrelenting metal that we can bring.

9. And what are you expecting in your heat and journey through the competition?

Zero expectations, just to put on the best show we possibly can and the hope that we can win over some new fans, and if we progress then to represent our region to the max and push ourselves as far as possible.

10. Finally, where can people find details of the band – promote your socials here!





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