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Monday, 16 May 2011

Live & Dangerous 2: Roger Waters

Roger Waters (O2 London)

This was going to be a big one. Not performed in Britain since 1982 Roger Waters performing the 1979 album The Wall in its entirety was going to be an event. Having not attended the Thursday night show I had missed the one night reformation with the remaining Pink Floyd members. This didn't dampen my spirits as I knew that the show itself would be fantastic. I managed to catch it from On Thin Ice as the London traffic meant I missed the opening. The stage was magnificent with unknown roadies building the wall as the songs progressed. The mix of inflatables and CGI projection gave great visual stimulation that were the perfect accompaniment to the aural genius of the music. Water's backing band were phenomenal, but it was Roger himself who was the star, singing with a new found energy and enthusiasm and thrusting himself into the role of frontman. You can see he is clearly revelling in becoming the dictator style character for In The Flesh/Run Like Hell/Waiting For The Worms. The world may have changed but the message this production conveys is still the same today and is even more relevant. (The line Should I Trust The Government? in Mother is met with the same answer as it was in 1982 "No Fucking Way!") This concert was a triumph of music, production and sheer human achievement (Just to move the stage setup would take and army) But it all comes together when it's performed in front of an audience. This was truly a moment of history (But if you do it again Roger may I suggest the Millennium Stadium it would be easier to get to) 10/10   

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