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Monday, 9 May 2011

Reviews: Whitesnake, Fury and The Tews

Whitesnake: Forevermore (Frontiers)

After their brilliant return to the fight with Good to Be Bad. Whitesnake have returned with a blazing new album called Forevermore. Those who were slightly confused by the more hard-edged metal sound on GTBB will welcome the return of honking harmonicas on the album's fiery opener Steal Your Heart Away. This is classic 'Snake at its best all blues and bluster with David Coverdale wailing like it was 1984. The second track follows fluidly from the first and then gives way to the guitar work out of third track and single Love Will Set You Free on which guitarist's Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach rock proverbial socks while keeping it modern and old school at the same time. There are the obligatory tender moments of Easier Said Than Done and Fair Thee Well but these are both of a high standard and balance the rest of the blues infused hard rock with which Whitesnake is synonymous. Is Forevermore a classic? Yes and no. It may be hard pressed to compete with the classic Whitesnake albums of the late 70's and 80's but it is the best 'Snake album in years. 8/10

Fury: Fury E.P (Self Release)

Fury is metal band from Worcester that combines all the best parts of 80's metal by combining NWOBHM and Bay Area Thrash. This 5 track E.P is a statement of intent to show the world that D.I.Y metal doesn't mean shoddy quality. The sound production is crisp but raw and the playing is tight. With such a basis to their sound inevitably some of the licks have similarities to Metallica and Iron Maiden but this is no bad thing. Fury has enough talent to make them sound fresh and entertaining again. Key tracks on the album are Eyes of the Dead and opener Faith That Would Kill both have a sense of melody and heaviness that Metallica have perfected through their many years of touring. In an ideal world Fury would be headlining stadiums instead of other less talented bands that are seen as the 'New kings of metal'. Change this and head to http://furyofficial.com/ to buy this E.P. You won't regret it. 8/10

The Trews: Hope and Ruin (Bumstead/Universal Canada)

The Trews are a Canada based rock band that is fairly unknown outside of North America. I will admit now I do have a bit of a soft spot for them as anyone who knows me will tell you. However being objective their 4th and latest album Hope and Ruin is not my favourite. There are flashes of brilliance here and there the title track and first single is a ballad that could be number one if it were performed by the Kings of Leon. The album itself has a consistent number of well written and performed tracks, but so many don't really thrill you until the third or fourth listen. It maybe because this album has more of an acoustic basis (Probably off the back of their last all acoustic tour) is the reason why I don't warm to it. As with their earlier albums they are very reminiscent of the Foo Fighters, I was expecting more of the same on this album however this doesn't stop it from being a good album just a different one. If you interested I suggest starting with their 2005 album Den of Thieves which is surely their best so far. As for Hope and Ruin well it's good but not great. 6/10

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