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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Out Of The Beyond Part 1

This is where I will review bands that are not well known to try and generate some interest.

Logan: The Great Unknown

Logan hail from Scotland but when the first track begins you'd be forgiven for thinking they came from the USA. You are immediately hit by the sound of Mark Tremotti guitar playing and with good reason. Logan sounds like Creed ALOT like Creed from the previously mentioned guitar sounds to the vocals of Kenny Collins however they also have the melody and variation of Tremotti's other band Alter Bridge. The Great Unknown features 14 tracks some which have already been available on the band's previous albums. However these feel like the 'definitive' versions, this is probably influenced a lot by the production on this album which blows the other albums out of the water. Despite being D.I.Y in their label and distribution this album shows that their songs are good enough to rival their biggest influence. Just listen to When I Get Down on the album and you'll see what I mean. 7/10

Hierophant: Black Ribbons

Hierophant are a band that have been concocted by the 'Outlaw Country' star Shooter Jennings (son of Waylon, for country buffs). However this is unlike his previous like albums in the sense that rather than dabbling before this is a balls-out rock album. It’s based on the concept of the last night of free airwaves and the last surviving independent DJ plays his favourite band who are Hierophant. The songs differ as they all come from separate 'albums' among the best are the defiant Fuck You (I'm Famous) and the scuzzy Don't Feed the Animals. The album twists and turns between hard rock, grunge, psychedelia with only the briefest hints of country in God Bless Alabama and the searing All This Could Have Been Yours a ballad of arena standards. The music is great and varied and the addition of Stephen King as the fictional DJ and co-writer of the concept gives this album an extra layer of authenticity. Country star turns rock star in one album Bon Jovi did it the wrong way round. 9/10

Mustasch: S/T

Imagine if you will Metallica came from Sweden and only played the Black album. That is what Mustasch sound like. If that doesn't appeal to you then skip this. Everyone else I can tell you that, this album hits hard and takes no prisoners. Mustasch have been a big band throughout Europe and have honed their craft through constant touring. This is their latest album and should be the one to make people take notice over here. Mustasch have powerful riffs, pounding rhythm and great vocals from Ralf Gyllenhammar. The song writing is good and has that contemporary Metallic(a) edge. String section intro gives way to the crushing riffage of Heresy Blasphemy immediately sets the tone for the whole album. Each track hits you like a sledgehammer, however they each sound fresh the band expanding their songs with string arrangements and choir vocals. Mustasch is an album that will satisfy fans of well played macho rock, whether they like Metallica or not. 8/10

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