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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Live & Dangerous 17: Manowar

Manowar (Great Hall, Cardiff)

Doors opened at 7pm on Manowar's first show in Cardiff but the band didn't come on stage until 9pm. This I could deal with despite the tickets specifically stated Plus Special Guest, what I couldn't deal with was that despite Manowar's place as one of the greatest classic metal bands in the world the Great Hall was only half-full which was disappointing as I expected more from the usually ecstatic Cardiff crowd. The band however were brilliant starting the set by playing their Battle Hymns album (admittedly in the wrong order and missing out William's Tale) however they were on top form with Eric Adams screaming and singing with power and prowling the stage with the energy of a man half his age. Joey DeMaio ripped up and down his bass with precision rumbling the bowels of every member in attendance; he stood the whole gig po-faced and menacing leading the band from the left side of the stage. Karl Logan sped up and down the fret board throughout the night ripping of riffs and solos but despite this he still managed to fuck up the intro to Battle Hymns (Ross The Boss wouldn't have done that.) There was then an intermission before they returned for the second part playing the now live staples Hand Of Doom, Call To Arms, Thunder In The Sky before launching into the classic Hail And Kill, Warriors Of The World United, Kings Of Metal, Black Wind, Fire And Steel. Which managed to lay waste to the crowd, and like that it was over the band had played a tight and concise two-hour set, which some would say is not worth the £38 ticket price but just to see Manowar is enough for some. Yes they are clich├ęd, OTT and very silly in some respects but they are still a killer live act, the only disappointment was the size of the crowd and the hard-core enforcement of the no photo rule. Both of these were downers on the night but the size of the crowd proved that Manowar are more of a one-off show than a touring concern. A great night but with some small annoyances. 7/10

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