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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Out Of The Beyond 10

Orphaned Land: The Never Ending Way Of The ORWarriorOR

This band hails from the troubled Middle East and show that music defies all boundaries. Half come from Israel and the others are from Palestine. As for genre the band play progressive metal infused with barking death vocals and Arabic instruments. Think a Middle Eastern Opeth with Pink Floyd guitar solos and you'll be half-way there. The vocalist Kobi Fahr mixes Akerfeldt style clean vocals and growls, his performance is stellar and he is backed by a band of stunning musicians with lead guitarist Yossi Sa'aron playing some of the most stunning guitar work I have heard for a while, just check out The Path Part 1&2 and Warrior for examples of his brilliant playing, the sound also is different from many similar bands as they make use of native Middle-Eastern instruments like Ouds, Bouzouki and Saz as well as female Yemenite vocals from Shlomit Levi who's voice is beguiling and really adds to the colour of their musical talent. The band are going to appeal to fans of Opeth as this is who they share the majority of their style with but also there are elements of Porcupine Tree to be found with Steven Wilson both producing the album and providing the keys for it. This concept album is one of the best I have heard for a long time and comes from a band that need to be heard, truly inspiring stuff from a fractured region. 9/10

Royal Republic: We Are The Royal

This Swedish four-piece play turbo-riff rock with a punk attitude and some tongue in cheek humour. They are all quiffs and leather jackets and this is reflected in their Garage rock style. The album is 13 tracks of punchy, poppy rocking songs that have real bite to them. They are based on the subjects of sex, drink and parties and you can hear that this is the life that the RR has lived. Especially on the track President's Daughter which is the story of a true-life romance between the frontman and the Swedish president’s daughter. Tracks like Underwear and Tommy Gun are filled with great lyrics and good time attitude. This is a great party rock album form a band that I think would be excellent live. 7/10

Saint Jude: Diary Of A Soul Fiend

Rocking out of London like it's the 1970's Saint Jude are the newest force in the on-going Rock 'N' Soul (their description not mine) revival. The band are Hammond a fuelled 5 piece play classic hard rock with a major soul edge in the style of The Faces, Zeppelin and Big Brother And The Holding Company. Sultry, mystical and gorgeous front woman Lynne Jackaman is the mistress of ceremonies with her powerful, gritty, soulful voice is drenched in emotion and blues. She has an almost Janis Joplin-like voice that also has some Aretha Franklin elements to it. The band that back her are as tight as bicycle-shorts with all of them playing with technical expertise and a professional loucheness that the Stones do so well. Adam Greene's guitar playing is very like Keef's with the added element of Joe Glossop's Hammond adding a bluesy touch. Their debut album is full of rocking tracks and touching soul ballads, the opening track Soul On Fire gives a good introduction to the band’s sound as it full of blues and bluster, this gives way to the soulful Garden Of Eden. The acoustic Down This Road breaks the flow with a small folk detour before the powerful blues ballad Down And Out really stops the show a moment that is repeated on the moving Angel. Saint Jude are one of the best of a new breed of modern blues rock bands, now they just need to tour with The Answer and I'll be in heaven.  8/10

Orphaned Land: http://youtu.be/DUi1yf97paw
Royal Republic: http://youtu.be/dhcGNN9r1D4
Saint Jude: http://youtu.be/P64RGr8twaQ

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