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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Reviews: Disturbed, Electric Mary, Furyon

Disturbed: Lost Children

An album of B-sides from Disturbed would fill many with fear as tracks that are purposefully left off an album have been left off for a reason. However this doesn't seem like an album of B-sides but just another Disturbed album, yes you can hear the differences between their earlier material and their newer stuff but then there is not a huge void between the two. The album features the bass-heavy riffing, the intricate guitar playing of Dan Donegan and the machine-gun vocal delivery of David Draiman. The album also features one unreleased songs and two covers in the shape of Faith No More's Midlife Crisis and Judas Priest's Living After Midnight. This like all of their albums is a solid release that doesn't do anything new but yet doesn't need to, like with all Disturbed tracks if you've heard Down With The Sickness you know what you’re going to get but for fans and completists this is definite buy. 7/10

Electric Mary: III (Listenable)

These Aussie retro rockers return with their third full length (as if the title didn't give it away!) again the band play fuzzed up, heavy riffing hard rock in the vein of Lizzy or AC/DC with some Zeppelin thrown in as well. The album opens up with the propulsive O.I.C which sets the tone with its bluesy but heavy vibe, unlike their previous album this album does shake the sound up a little with both Stained and Long Time Coming having a very Soundgarden vibe which is mainly due to frontman Rusty Brown's voice having a Cornell-like rasp. This album is well played classic rock that is exciting and blood-pumping, they are not treading any new ground but it is still great stuff. 8/10 

Furyon: Gravitas (Monster Energy)

Modern heavy metal band Furyon hail from Brighton and mix Southern style rock, heavy metal with some progressive rock thrown in for good measure. The album is produced by Rick Beato who has produced albums by Fozzy and Shinedown and brings a very modern touch to the proceedings. Pat Heath and Chris Green's guitars are brilliant with the dual leads tight and the soloing melodic. The majority of the songs are heavy riffing anthems with empowered vocals by Matt Mitchell, the band are a mix of Black Label Society with pinched harmonics and heavy riffing present on most tracks and they also have elements of Alice In Chains especially on the fourth track Don't Follow with Mitchell's voice and the riff itself coming straight out of AIC territory. A good album made even better by the fact that it's free with this month's Metal Hammer (December 2011). 8/10 

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