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Thursday 9 March 2017

Another Point Of View: Kreator (Live Review By Stief)

Kreator, O2 Forum, Kentish Town, London

Having only walked in for the end of their set, I don't feel it's fair to score Sepultura but I will say that having heard closing songs Ratamahatta and fan favourite Roots Bloody Roots, it's easy to see the Brazilian lads haven't lost it.

Then it was time for the reason me and my good friend Nick trekked all the way to England's capital; The mighty Kreator (10). As soon as the band entered the stage to Choir Of The Damned, the crowd were chomping at the bit for some brutal thrash metal and received it they did with Mille and company tearing straight into Hordes Of Chaos, following up with classic song Phobia. The setlist, although heavily stacked with songs from the brilliant Gods Of Violence, had a great mix of older and newer songs, with the band playing through them relentlessly. Mille Petrozza's voice was filled with just as much malice and anger live as on track, and he held the crowd captivated from start to finish. His guitar work was excellent, backed up by Sami Yli-Sirniƶ, Ventor's drumming is still rattling around my head as I type this and Christian Giesler's bass brought the heaviness tenfold.

Despite missing out fan (and personal) favourite Voices Of The Dead from the setlist, there was still an excellent choice of songs spanning the band's career, including the rarely played Civilization Collapse and set closer Pleasure To Kill from their second album. Fan favourite Flag Of Hate was received very well, with the band flawlessly seguing into Under The Guillotine. One standout moment of the night was during Fallen Brother where the images of deceased musicians flashed up on the screens around the band, including not only metal heroes such as Lemmy and Dio, but also David Bowie, Prince and 2-Pac, reflecting the band's belief that music should bring people together no matter what the genre. As we left the venue, I had no doubt there were going to be plenty of sore heads and equally sore necks in the morning, my own included.

Editors Note- After this gig Kreator were announced for a Saturday special guest slot at Bloodstock so we expect to be in serious pain on Sunday. 

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