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Sunday 5 March 2017

Reviews: Mr Folk Compilation Vol 4. (Review By Stief)

Mr Folk Compilation Vol 4.

Due to the nature of this compilation, I won't be going into too much detail, but rather give a brief look into each song.

Skyforger - Rämava

Heavy, chugging black-tinged folk metal with the odd dose of maiden-esque galloping riffs. Great melodies and meaty bass. (8)

SIG:AR:TYR - Northern

Great riffs, with a slight hint of Evil Scarecrow. Daemonskald's vocals, however, lean more towards a harsh whisper than a brutal growl, never raising above that and struggles at times to be heard over the music (7)

ODR - Fuochi Nelle Valli

Something a bit more folky, with flutes and violin backing up some brutal vocals. One of the heavier songs of the compilation. (8)

Grimtotem - Kütral

Opening with some brilliant synthwork, the song then breaks into some brutal vocals and soaring guitars with a folky rhythm interspersed throughout (9)

An Theos - Chemarea Sträbunilor

This song has all the staples of classic folk metal. Strings, pounding drums, vicious growls. It switches into a heavy metal about 2/3rds of the way through, but slips nicely back into the folk sound to finish (8)

Scuorn - Fra Ciel' E Terr'

Despite it's black metal-esque opening, Fra Ciel' E Terr' has that flagon swinging rhythm. This song feels like Behemoth or Dimmu Borgir attempting a folk career, great stuff. (8)

Song Of Chu - Yu Ren

One of the further reaching songs from Chinese artist, Yu Ren. It's got some decent riffs, soaring vocals, excellent growls and a pump-your-fist chant towards the end. (7)

Storm Seeker - Jack

Definitely sitting within the pirate-folk area, complete with a hurdy gurdy. Pirate metal at it's finest, with an excellent sing-along chorus and a violin/guitar breakdown. (9)

Æxylium - The Blind Crow

Extremely folky here, with harps, fiddles and violins galore. Slightly let down by the clean vocals, however, the growls are great. (7)

Heather Wasteland - Tre Sverd
Although a pretty decent instrumental, this feels more like an interlude track. Slow paced, but nothing majorly stands out about it. (6)

Gotland - Traitor or Savior

Back into the epic side of folk metal with choirs and blast beats galore. Great guttural vocals too, paired with growls that are dripping with malice. (9)

Goblin Hovel - The Menace

Somehow making an acoustic riff sound pretty brutal, this is one of the more comedic songs of the compilation. Pretty decent vocals, although suffers similarly to SIG:AR:TYR in that they often don't rise above a harsh whisper (7)
Helroth - To Forgotten Gods
Excellent mix of violins, chugging guitar riffs and monastic chants throughout. Some great drumwork too. (8)

Ulfsark - Flames Of War

Back into the brutality, with a battle metal call to arms, blastbeats and top notch riffs top it all off. (8)

Harmasar - Porcu

Despite starting off promising with a doom-like riff, the song gradually descends into a mishmash of styles and pacing. The clean vocals aren't great, and the growls bring it back only a little. On the plus side, there's some flutes (6)

Tears Of Styrbjorn - Years Of Victory

Tight guitar work, some brilliant vocals, an excellently crafted piece of folk metal from start to finish. (9)

Yomi - Fires Of War

The second song about fire and war in the compilation gives us more of an oriental-folk feel through the use of the shamisen. Pretty decent vocals throughout. (7)

M.A.I.M - Freedom Tank

Brilliant, fast paced guitars and made jig-worthy with the use of flute and violin. Brilliant vocals and a contender for the best song title of the album. (8)

Boisson Divine - Sent Pencard

Some excellent folk metal from this french duo. The pace never stops, their guitarwork is sublime, and the addition of the boha throughout the song gives it a great folk-metal feel (9)

Bloodshed Walhalla - Dragon's Breath

Volume 4 finishes with a cover of Bathory's Dragon's Breath and it's a pretty decent one, although not as heavy as the original. (8)

All in all, a great mixed bag of a compilation!

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  1. Hi, thank you for the review! It's a free compilation, you can download here: https://misterfolk.com/mister-folk-compilation-vol-4/ cheers! :)