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Sunday 26 March 2017

Reviews: Helion Prime, Saille, Solitary (Reviews By Rich)

Helion Prime: S/T (AFM)

Helion Prime is the self-titled debut album by the Californian power metallers of the same name. This is a fantastically energetic album chock full of anthemic songs all containing lyrics of a science fiction nature. This is definitely the more aggressive end of power metal as well with the band definitely taking influence from the US power metal sound rather than the European one. Frontwoman Heather Michelle impresses with her strong melodic vocals but unfortunately they also lack any bite or aggression unlike the music. It's a very minor criticism though as the strength of the songwriting displayed definitely carries this album. With the level of playing and songwriting on the album it is difficult to believe that this is their debut album. If you like your power metal on the more aggressive side of things then this album is very much recommended. 8/10

Saille: Gnosis (Code666 Records)

Gnosis is the fourth album by Belgian black metallers Saille. Saille play a more melodic and symphonic style of black metal and have been compared to bands such as Emperor and Dimmu Borgir. Saille have all the component elements of black metal in their sound but their sound is more on the atmospheric side with the use of dark and sinister melodies. The symphonics are well used for atmospheric effect as well and are restrained enough not to be over the top . With Gnosis Saille have released an interesting album which shows the dark and atmospheric side of symphonic black metal and does not come across as bombastic or cheesy like some other bands which fall under the genre's umbrella. 7/10

Solitary: The Diseased Heart Of Society (UKEM)

Long running UK thrashers Solitary have released their third album The Diseased Heart Of Society. Solitary have been in existence since 1994 with their last album coming out in 2008 but have always been underdogs in the thrash metal scene rarely getting noticed outside of the UK. Unfortunately I doubt this will change anytime soon as whilst The Diseased Heart Of Society isn't a bad album it is a fairly weak one in comparison to what is being produced by other long running thrash bands in the scene. Where it is good though it is damn good indeed with some furious riffing and intense speed especially on Unidentified and Trigger Point Atrocity. Whilst perfectly good to bang your head to the album just feels like it is lacking a bit of spark and energy. Maybe in a live environment these songs would sound invigorated and full of energy. A solid but underwhelming effort 6/10

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