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Sunday 16 June 2019

Reviews: Streambleed, Sour Tusk, Aphrodite, Shotgun Sawyer (Matt & Paul H)

Streambleed: Enslave The World Forever (Wormholedeath Records) [Paul H]

Austrian groove metal from Streambleed, formed in 2015 by guitarist Stefan Wöginger and singer Stefan Weilnböck. This is the debut album from the band, whose line-up is completed by bassist Jakob Reiter, guitarist Christian Rosner and Tobias Mayrhofer on drums. Powerfully delivered, the band certainly play with a groove that pulses vibrantly from the opening bars of Damnation through to bonus track Let It Out Loud. Chainsaw chopping guitars, snarling vocals and a maelstrom of rhythm underpin this impressive release. Certainly, if you like the roaring no-nonsense approach that Lamb of god have set the bar for, then this should be right up your street. The opening five tracks leave little to the imagination, face melting riffs and pounding drumming destroy all around. Black Rain slows the pace, and it’s probably one to leave behind. I can see the approach, but Weilnböck’s vocals are far superior when he is spitting his bile than trying to deliver the slower stuff. Normal thrashing service is resumed on Voice Of The Stream and from here on in things improve again. Big, chunky riffs and a pace that will incite pit action make this a debut release to be proud of. 7/10

Sour Tusk: Turn It Up (Self Released) [Matt]

The opening song on this debut album from Sheffield two piece is called Midnight (Born To Lose). Note the Born To Lose in parenthesis, the motto of the legendary Motorhead frontman Lemmy, that gives you all you need to know about Sour Tusk's sound. It's loud, filthy, angry and doesn't give a shit what you think about it. They formed in 2016 and have a torrid history of former members which means that they are now a duo consisting of drummer Nic Rudd and guitarist Jake Johnson both sharing vocals, well I say vocals more shouts as it's not really meant to be tuneful just full of attitude.  The rawness of the vocals is perfect as songs like Behind The Sun are designed to kick you in the teeth, shoot a whiskey and then steal your girlfriend, it's Motorhead without the bellyaching basslines of Lem but you never really miss them as Jake has his guitar so down tuned that it could be used as a laxative.

I'll say the production on this record is excellent despite just having two members everything here sounds big but has a primal punk energy, take the bottom heavy Filth, it's reinforced by the production and mix, to make it a little RATM like. They make a mess of the blues on Drinking Man which is ZZ Top meets Clutch and sees the band laying down a challenge to anyone next time they are in a bar. The one small criticism I have is that the band obviously draw influence from Motorhead and Clutch but unlike those bands the lyrics are a little simplistic but then you really don't need to listen to them, just drink your tipple of choice, bang your head and shout the choruses at the top of your lungs. Do as they say Turn It Up. 8/10

Aphrodite: Lust And War (Fighter Records) [Matt]

A relatively new band Canadian speed metallers Aphrodite take their name from the Greek god of love and there is a lot to love on this album. Rampaging riffs come from the opening seconds all the way through these songs that take influence from Greek Mythology. Long time readers will know Ancient History is what I have a degree in, and to be honest theses tracks are loosely based around the myths and legends such as Ares, Medusa, Thesus but they are great starting points for these DIY styled speed metal tracks. Made up of Jo Steel on guitars, bass, drums providing the snarling bottom layer for Jan Turbo's slicing guitar solos and Tanza Speed's raw vocals. It's unrefined and frenetic like it was back in the leather clad 80's a punk edge coming through. Do these Canadian's reinvent the wheel? Christ no. But do they play riotous, fun, metal music? Hell yes. Get some Lust And War you know you want too. 7/10

Shotgun Sawyer: Bury The Hatchet (Ripple Music) [Matt]

Brett (bass), Dylan (guitar/vocals), and David (drummer) are the three members of Shotgun Sawyer from Auburn California, they play some swaggering fuzz rock that has tried to reinvent the old school sounds of Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf into the modern era that makes them sound a lot like The Black Keys with the fuzz pedal ramped up to 11 giving some filthy rhythms along with the steady drum beat that allows the guitars to really work their magic on slinky numbers such as When The Sun Breaks and the wild Shallow Grave. Elsewhere on the album they have a bit of Zep (Ain't Tryin To Go Down Slow), some country pickin on Backwoods Bear and a bit of a ZZ Top shuffle on You Got To Run. It's at times wild at others more reserved but the fuzz and groove always comes through leading to many great guitar driven freak outs. Bury The Hatchet is the right weight and sharpness of their titular axe making for a neat slice of rock n roll. 7/10

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