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Tuesday 4 June 2019

The Spotlight: Bloodstock M2TM Final Interview With Sepulchre By Paul H

Interview With M2TM 2019 Final Competitors Sepulchre

Few who saw Swansea thrashers Sepulchre (Spatula) in their semi-final will have been surprised that they blasted their way to the final with a show that was full of intensity, composure, humour and fine thunderous metal. It’s worth remembering that Sepulchre were in a ferocious heat, with Blind Divide and King Kraken who are also chomping at the bit in the final. The band, whose nickname of Spatula is becoming more and more endearing, were happy to catch up ahead of the final.

Paul: First off, massive congratulations on making the final. Let’s start with the journey since you progressed from the Heat. How has it been?

Spatula: It's been epic. We’ve been offered more shows further afield which has shown how much recognition bands get from playing at M2TM and fan response has been phenomenal on social media and at our shows.

Paul: Getting through the heat was challenging enough. What were the emotions like after the band’s name was called out on stage?

Spatula: We were all shocked, amazed and happy. It was a bit of a flurry of emotion. I personally (Darren) couldn’t believe we got through the first heat and then to get through the semi-finals and into the grand final I was completely shell-shocked tbh. I think I speak for the rest of the band in that regard too.

Paul: Every band upped their game for the Semi-Final. How did you prepare for the show and what did you feel that you needed to do to get through?

Spatula: We practiced a lot ready for the final practicing our 30 minute set and also working as a team to get the right songs in the right order to best impress as we’ve got 24 songs to choose from. That was probably the most difficult part. We always practice once a week, but we also gigged a lot before the show (we played three shows the week of M2TM). We felt we needed the crowd to move to help us get through although tbh we like the crowd moving at every show anyway. A pit is always welcome!

Paul: You had a bit of time between the heat and the semi-final. What’s been happening to the band in between the two shows at Fuel?

Spatula: We have recorded a new album entitled Thrill Of A Kill which we are hoping to release on the 8th June. We’ve also ordered new t-shirts to coincide with the album release. We have been extensively gigging in between; I won’t bore you with the dates but since M2TM the shows have been insane!!

Paul: There have been hugely positive vibes about the South Wales scene at these shows. Did you feel that it’s a true reflection of how metal in South Wales is at present? Is the community there?

Spatula: Yes, I think so. The shows we’ve been playing have been good though turnouts vary. The M2TM was the biggest show we have played in a long while and the best and its great seeing old friends and new coming back to see our set.

Paul: One of the aims of the M2TM competition is to gain exposure and new fans for the competing bands. How has progressing benefited the band?

Spatula: It’s been amazing. We’ve had a lot of new friends/fans from the gigs and met so many new people. Whatever the outcome this year well be returning either as punters or competing artist. It’s really been an amazing experience.

Paul: So, 8th June sees a six-band final on what promises to be an astonishingly good evening. What’s the strategy to impress the Bloodstock judge who makes the decision on the night?

Spatula: We’re gonna play the best set we can. It’s all we can do so expect more spatulas and I’m going to try and keep my top on for this show… not really!! At this point I’m just so happy we’ve got this far and for either Rob or Simon to be in the audience is an achievement being bloodstock festival regulars.

Paul: Rob Bannister or Simon Hall will be judging on the night [probably Rob] They can be notoriously hard to impress and guard that coveted spot zealously. With a full house guaranteed, how will you deal with the pressure?

Spatula: This is going to be the best show we have played so far this year so no pressure. It’s just going to be an amazing experience. We know most of the bands competing at the heat and play with them on a regular basis.

Paul: We’ve noted the immediate benefits, what about the post final plans? Where does the band go after the final?

Spatula: We are going to keep playing shows all around the UK. We are hoping this will open new doors for us so we can play further afield; Nottingham, Manchester, London etc.

Paul: And finally, you are now older and wiser about this competition. What advice would you give to the new intake of bands who will be thinking about taking a run at it in 2020?

Spatula: Practice, practice, practice. Gig as much as you can before taking a run at this competition, it’s fierce! Watch other bands and support other bands - it does help with your own set. Have merch to sell as even if you don’t go through at M2TM you will usually sell a few t shirts or CDs. If you don’t get through take it professionally. We got the wildcard slot and never thought we’d get through to the semi-finals but did not let it get to us enjoy the other bands and have a good time. It’s not all about a competition but I guarantee it’ll be the best gig you have played of the year.

My thanks to Darren, Aimee, Dan and Jimmy. These guys are sure to kick it hard and heavy on 8th June. See you in the pit [maybe!]

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  1. Well done getting to the final, good luck for Saturday!