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Thursday 13 June 2019

Reviews: Words That Burn, Beasto Blanco, Reckless Manslaughter, Decayer (Liam)

Words That Burn: Pyres (Self Released)

The diversity in this album is brilliant. Elements of Electronicore, Power Metal vocals and riffs that sound like they've been plucked right from Slipknot's back catalog. From start to finish I was hooked with this album, bare in mind the metal crew are from Ireland, it sounds like a supergroup of Blind Guardian, Slipknot & Parkway Drive. It's just an amazing album. With my stand out track being Deathgrip. It's one of the few albums lately that get better as it goes along, it has massive replay value, so I can see myself jamming to this band more often that I thought I would. When it does start it lulls you into a false sense of security by making you think it's just another Metalcore record, with the chugs and snarls of guitar battling the powerful, breathtaking vocals. But it's more than that, it's the new generation of metal we've been waiting for. If this record is anything to go by, the future for this band, and metal in general, looks to be in safe hands. 7/10

Beasto Blanco: We Are (Rat Pack Records)

Some good fashion hard rock featuring long time Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric and Cooper's daughter Calico Cooper. The record is a breath of fresh air to the genre. Most bands sound the same, but Beasto Blanko have their own sound with the combined vocals of Cooper & Garric and the guitar work of Brother Latham make the band have their own unique sound. From front to back the record is a  real monster (or even a beast - Ed). It impresses riff after riff with headbanging singalong moments throughout. If you're a fan of hard rock bands such as Alter Bridge, then the band will sit well with you. With enough driving force behind them, and the ability to produce the some massive riffs, the band can easily headline arenas and festivals. 7/10

Reckless Manslaughter: Caverns Of Perdition (FDA Rekotz)

Some old school death metal from Germany. Considering it's the bands first album in 6 years, they still have the fresh sound of Cannibal Corpse straight from the early 90's, but not as complex in terms of song structure. Then again, simplicity works wonders. As proven by this record. The band take the death metal formula and add their own touch to it. With the amount of death metal bands trying to break through it's nice to see there are still bands keeping it fresh sounding with new riffs. I think the best feature of the album is not all the songs are ridiculously fast, but are played at a slower tempo for the genre. This gives it almost a new life and makes it stand out. I'll be honest, I've never sat down and thought 'I need this death metal to be slower'. (Then again, that's just Doom Metal really, but I digress) It just sounds stupid, but when it comes to bite the bullet, it actually works pretty damn well. If you're an avid fan of the genre, then check this album out and give it a chance. It's definitely worth a listen. 6/10

Decayer: End Note (We Are Triumphant)

I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it, metalcore has gone stale and with Decayer, it's just another band to add to that list. I mean the record itself is decent, a couple of good songs such as Acid Teeth & Nine Years, but the record itself needs more oomph too it. It needs to stand out more. The band has potential, no doubt about it. But instead of sticking to one stale genre, incorporate others into it. Expand the sound. Then this band will be excellent. But right now, it's decent. But more recycled music. 4/10

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