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Wednesday 5 June 2019

The Spotlight: Bloodstock M2TM Final Interview With Fallen Temples By Paul H

Interview With M2TM 2019 Final Competitors Fallen Temples

Possibly the surprise package of the final, there’s no denying the quality that Fallen Temples possess. Their quality around the South Wales scene is well known, and their hard-edged rock and metal certainly has attracted new supporters. Adam, Joe and Joe are a genuine powerhouse trio, and I caught up with Adam Vaughan [guitar and vocals] to find out more about their road to the M2TM final.

Paul: Let’s start with the journey since you progressed from the Heat. How has it been?

Fallen Temples: It’s been heck of a ride! The quality of the bands has been another level, so we genuinely feel honoured to have made it to the final. We really appreciate all the support from fans who have travelled to see us and the new faces who have been kind with their votes

Paul: Getting through the heat was challenging enough. What were the emotions like after the band’s name was called out on stage?

Fallen Temples: The wait was almost unbearable as the organisers took to the stage to begin the announcements, but when we heard our name we were so pumped we just wanted to get straight back into the practise room to prepare for the next round

Paul: Every band upped their game for the Semi-Final. How did you prepare for the show and what did you feel that you needed to do to get through?

Fallen Temples: We knew we couldn’t deliver the same set again, we needed to keep things fresh for those that had been following the competition. It’s clear the level of professionalism has been very high, so we got out the Mr Sheen and just kept polishing until our set felt right

Paul: You had a bit of time between the heat and the semi-final. What’s been happening to the band in between the two shows at Fuel?

Fallen Temples: We’ve been busy! We’ve been into the studio and put down guide tracks for 12 new songs ready to press forward with new releases later in the year. We’ve also got a fresh batch of merch including multiple different style tees, caps, patches, stickers and badges. Some tees have sold out already following a headline show at Kingsfest 2019.

Paul: There have been hugely positive vibes about the South Wales scene at these shows. Did you feel that it’s a true reflection of how metal in South Wales is at present? Is the community there?

Fallen Temples: If anyone is ever looking for evidence of a scene, these M2TM shows are the proof. Bands are supporting the other bands; gig goers are showing up in droves without an affiliation to any of the bands. Honestly, people leave knowing people they didn't know before the shows, and that’s exactly what the scene needs to build momentum and to grow.

Paul: One of the aims of the M2TM competition is to gain exposure and new fans for the competing bands. How has progressing benefited the band?

Fallen Temples: That's certainly the case, we’ve got some shows yet to be announced and we had people come to the final to support us having seen us for the first time in the heat. Playing to a packed room can’t be a negative in any way for a band, so it definitely achieving this goal

Paul: So, 8th June sees a six-band final on what promises to be an astonishingly good evening. What’s the strategy to impress the Bloodstock judge who makes the decision on the night?

Fallen Temples: We don’t really have a game plan. We play the type of music we play; we love the type of music we play and hopefully our love shows through with the energy, passion and power we put into every show. We just want to give the best account of ourselves each night

Paul: Rob Bannister or Simon Hall will be judging on the night [probably Rob] They can be notoriously hard to impress and guard that coveted spot zealously. With a full house guaranteed, how will you deal with the pressure?

Fallen Temples: We just need to be confident in what we do, take a deep breath and unleash the dragons. We’ve played some high pressure shows before and that seems to be the only way. Prepare, play with pride and just have fun

Paul: We’ve noted the immediate benefits, what about the post final plans? Where does the band go after the final?

Fallen Temples: I mentioned earlier we’ve got a multitude of songs to record now so we really want to push forward with new music, new videos and cast out net that bit wider to capitalise on the momentum we have at the moment

Paul: And finally, you are now older and wiser about this competition. What advice would you give to the new intake of bands who will be thinking about taking a run at it in 2020?

Fallen Temples: Keeping people on their toes seems be important. A bank of songs to pick from is an asset, slickening the set list as much as possible and generally ‘putting on a show’ will help you to shine in your best light

Paul: Thanks once again for all your support of the website. We wish you every success in the final and beyond. See you on 8th June.

Fallen Temples: Thanks man. We appreciate your time and thanks for your kind words. See you at the final

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