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Monday 2 May 2022

Metal To The Masses 2022 Interviews: Root Zero (Heat #4 06.05.22)

Interview With Root Zero By Matt Bladen

MoM: Introduce yourselves/remind everyone who you guys are. Band name, members, style etc?

Root Zero:
We are Root Zero, an atmospheric/gothic metal from the murky depths of Cardiff. We are a 5 piece with Sasha Bannister on vocals, Llyr Williams and Ben Evans on guitars, Giacomo Fiderio on bass/vocals and Joshua Powell-Gibbs on drums. We have a pretty wide variety of influences and styles we try to incorporate in our music. Our style is a combination of ethereal synths/effects, heavy downtuned riffs and haunting vocal melodies.

MoM: How have the last year(s) been for the band? What have you been up too?

Root Zero: The band’s history actually goes back a few years to 2015, when our bassist (Giacomo) first started collaborating with other musicians and writing some basic ideas. Unfortunately in Aberystwyth the possibilities for bands in general were quite limited, so the band never really took off. 

When Giacomo and our vocalist (Sasha) moved to Cardiff they tried to form a full lineup with a few different musicians, but the attempts weren’t successful. The project was nearly abandoned altogether until the end of 2019 when Josh joined on drums, and Llyr, who was living in Manchester at the time, expressed interest in joining as well, before moving to Cardiff in 2020 and becoming a full-time member. Ben was the last piece of the puzzle, who joined later on in 2021. 

Over the course of the last 2 or so years we have all been rehearsing and steadily improving our ability to play as a band, as well as collaborating more on songwriting. We are now sitting on a large backlog of songs, and we have finally been able to release our first single, Home, back during the first week of January. The reception to that single was very positive and it has given us a lot to be excited about, as we ready ourselves to release a second single and our debut EP very soon!

MoM: What experience have you had with Bloodstock/M2TM in the past?

Root Zero: None at all, we’re still a young band but we’re excited to get out and play as much as possible!

MoM: How are you feeling entering the M2TM format back as it should be? Playing in front of a crowd again?

Root Zero: We're feeling confident about entering M2TM as we've been practicing a LOT since forming the band. This would be our first time performing as Root Zero for anybody outside the band, and for a few of us this would be our first outing in live music full stop. A couple of us have been involved with other original projects over the last few years, but all of them came to an end as a result of covid. Whilst it's sad to have seen these bands amongst others like Anathema, Black Peaks and Toska come to an end, every cloud has its silver lining, and that silver lining for us was Root Zero. More than anything, we're looking forward to being able to perform at last and to meet some new up and coming bands trying out at M2TM!

MoM: What would it mean to you to play Bloodstock?

Root Zero: At risk of sounding cliche, playing a show at Bloodstock would be a dream come true for every member in the band. Growing up, it was always an event on our calendars every year, even if during some years we may not have been able to attend. It was always exciting to see what would be the lineup every year, as bloodstock featured many artists that we loved that we wouldn't be able to see at other festivals. 

Playing at Bloodstock would be a monumental opportunity to take part in one of the UK's biggest live metal institutions that seems almost incomprehensible to think about, as we will be able to play alongside many of our musical heroes, play to potential fans, connect with new people, and being our first festival would mark a crucial milestone in Root Zero's journey. Given everything that's happened in the last few years, It will also be a fantastic chance to welcome back international metal bands to the UK at long last!

MoM: Tell us two truths and one lie about the band?

Root Zero: 

1. One of the bands we all love is the Dixie Chicks
2. We all went to Aberystwyth University
3. One of us has beaten an Olympic gold medalist at Mario Kart

MoM: Finally give us a four word rundown of what to expect?

Root Zero: Bleak gothic riffy fun!

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