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Wednesday 4 May 2022

Metal To The Masses 2022 Interviews: Zac & The New Man (Heat #4 06.05.22)

Interview With Zac & The New Man By Matt Bladen

MoM: Introduce yourselves/remind everyone who you guys are. Band name, members, style etc?

Zac & The New Man: Hey everyone, we are Zac, Oli Poole, James Dye and Will Newman. Together we’re Zac and The New Men. We play blues infused Heavy Rock and we play it LOUD.

MoM: How have the last year(s) been for the band? What have you been up too?

Zac & The New Man: We formed just over a year ago during the Covid lockdowns which was a weird experience, writing and collaborating over Zoom. Our first gig was back in July and we’re loving being able to play to live audiences. On a positive note the lockdowns gave us time to write and record our music and we’ve released four tracks so far with the fifth Social Blur due out on May 13th.

MoM: What experience have you had with Bloodstock/M2TM in the past?

Zac & The New Man: We’re all only 17 and 18 so haven’t had a chance to enjoy a summer of festivals yet but you can be sure that the iconic Bloodstock is on our bucket list. Any festival that featured Motörhead, Alice Cooper, Saxon and hundreds of other iconic bands deserves our love and support.

MoM: How are you feeling entering the M2TM format back as it should be? Playing in front of a crowd again?

Zac & The New Man: We live for live performances it’s what we love. We’re so excited about playing M2TM and Fuel Rock club.

MoM: What would it mean to you to play Bloodstock?

Zac & The New Man: Wow, it would be a dream. It’s such a special festival. The bands that have played on those stages are true greats and to be able to say we were amongst them would be amazing so early in our careers.

MoM: Tell us two truths and a lie about the band?

Zac & The New Man:

1. We played over 25 pub gigs as a cover band last year.
2. Our Bass player James has perfect pitch
3. We record, mix and produce all our own music in our own studio.

MoM: Finally give us a four word rundown of what to expect?

Zac & The New Man: Loud High Energy Rock

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