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Monday 9 May 2022

Metal To The Masses 2022 Interviews: Torchbearer (Heat #5 13.05.22)

Interview With Torchbearer By Matt Bladen

MoM: Introduce yourselves/remind everyone who you guys are. Band name, members, style etc?

Torchbearer: We are a Metal/Hardcore band comprised of vocalist Andy Mansell, guitarist/vocalist Ollie Gould, bassist Mo Bashir and drummer Ollie Sitford. With influences ranging from Every Time I Die to Pantera, we combine in-your-face riffs, vicious vocals and catchy melodies to create a distinctive sound.

MoM: How have the last year(s) been for the band? What have you been up to?

Torchbearer: After we released our Against The Tide EP in 2019, we toured the UK. We were set to tour Europe but then everything shut down. It was a blow for us not to be able to tour, but we set about working on our next release, writing and demoing remotely. Our debut full length album Solace was recorded at Monolith Studios, produced by Charlie Wilson and released in Jan 2022.

MoM: What experience have you had with Bloodstock/M2TM in the past?

Torchbearer: This is our first time. Now that our album is finally out, we are keen to go for it.

MoM: How are you feeling entering the M2TM format back as it should be?

Torchbearer: Playing in front of a crowd again? It’s awesome, we’re a live band, the shows are what we’re all about. The crowd is a huge part of what makes a great show.

MoM: What would it mean to you to play Bloodstock?

Torchbearer: Music Trespass reviewed our live show and said ‘Filling the gap left behind by Every Time I Die, Torchbearer have a killer sound and a bad-ass attitude I have not seen in a long time!’ We are keen to set off the Bloodstock crowd. We’re filling 150 caps venues. It will be exciting for all for Torchbearer to break through to the next level.

MoM: Tell us two truths and one lie about the band?


1. We are now on our tenth drummer
2. We once received a police escort to a gig
3. Our bassist’s full name is Mohannad Mamoun Abdul Rahman Bashir Ahmed Mecki Ghuleb

MoM: Finally give us a four word rundown of what to expect?

Torchbearer: Energy, sweat, chaos, catharsis

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