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Thursday 5 May 2022

Metal To The Masses 2022 Interviews: Fighting With Giants (Heat #4 06.05.22)

Interview With Fighting With Giants By Matt Bladen

MoM: Introduce yourselves/remind everyone who you guys are. Band name, members, style etc?

Fighting With Giants: John, Paul, George and Ringo

MoM: How have the last year(s) been for the band? What have you been up too?

Fighting With Giants: Awesome. Travelling and gigging in front of huge sell out crowds of vaccination queues.

MoM: What experience have you had with Bloodstock/M2TM in the past?

Fighting With Giants: None. We don't work for the NHS. Please give blood, save lives

MoM: How are you feeling entering the M2TM format back as it should be? Playing in front of a crowd again?

Fighting With Giants: We rarely play in front of crowds because our drummer is terrified of people.

MoM: What would it mean to you to play Bloodstock?

Fighting With Giants: We've never played at a blood drive before. Give blood, save lives.

MoM: Tell us two truths and a lie about the band?

Fighting With Giants: We're all alcoholics, we're all alcoholics, this is the biggest gig of our lives.

MoM: Finally give us a four word rundown of what to expect?

Fighting With Giants: Late, drunk, unrehearsed, miracles.

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